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Time For A Little Photography

I Spent yesterday making the most of my daughter Rae’s’ baby bump, she is due to delivery on the 10th June so no urgency . The weather was perfect , albeit a tad on the warm side but I think we got some pretty awesome pictures’ for the site. I have put them into a gallery on my Home page (the majority were for the Harmony Bola Pendants), so fit perfectly with the narrative on where the chime pendants originated and how they benefit both mum and baby during pregnancy. A huge thank you to my daughter and her partner for allowing me to take the pictures and also for permitting their use on my website.

If you would like to know more about the Harmony Bola pendants and their benefits, feel free to contact me.

Take care, Safe Safe and enjoy life.

Heidi x


The Struggle Is Real

Just  a brief update on the website so far…

Yesterday was great, I spent the evening adding a few more products (still a long way to go but I am getting there). Today I have reverted back to the actual setup of the website and what a testing few hours it has been. I managed to set up a FAQ page, added the payment and shipping details, oh yes and I even managed to add a special offer coupon and activate it. But then is was this page, yes the Blog, omg , this has taken longer than anything else. This is where I discovered that my tutor is using a slightly different version of WordPress to me and I won’t lie, it’s been tough. That bad , a couple of glasses of wine were needed to keep on the job. My Blog may not resemble a typical blog page , but for now it will do and I will give it another go tomorrow…. or maybe Sunday .

Taking the plunge into E-Commerce

Wow, what an amazing 3 days it has been. Despite being the proud owner of Cherished Lockets since starting my business in 2011, I never found the courage to build an E-Commerce site to sell my Jewellery through, instead utilising social media, face to face and eBay. That is until I discovered a online course from a guy called Hogan Chua a lovely Australian guy on Udemy, an online course platform. After reviewing the course and seeing how easily he could walk me through setting up a site step by step, I took the plunge and purchased his course. WordPress has changed so much since I first looked into developing a site using it., so there have been some challenges and lots of headaches but hey , who says you can’t teach an old dog new tricks.
Day one was understanding the basics and importing a theme etc ( I already had a domain and hosting which I purchased last year). Then it was time to get to work  – my first step at creating a home page. The hardest part was sourcing images that were copyright free until I am able to take some good quality images of my products.
Day two was a blast, finally after setting up my woo commerce and linking it to my business PayPal account I was ready to add my first item – I cannot express how excited I was when I listed my first product and tested it out. I was like a kid at Christmas. I then went onto list a further 3 products , all along this could take a while as I still have around 30 more lockets and pendants to list and a whopping 300 charms to add.
Now on day three and it’s Blog day , I haven’t had a blog for years so this really excites me. A chance to share my progress with you and eventually sharing how I source my products , telling you about new ideas I have for my business and a million other ideas that are rushing around my teeny little mind.
I really look forward to sharing my journey with you and hope you enjoy sharing this experience with me.
Take care, stay safe and enjoy life.
Heidi x


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